October 23, 2017

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Water Department


The Water Department will be completing the installation of the remote water meters in town this spring.  With the new meters in place homeowners should expect an accurate reading.  This will also help streamline out billing process.  We will need the help of the homeowners to make this process go smoothly and we will try to be flexible with our hours to accommodate everyone’s schedule.  Additionally we will be undertaking some engineering reviews of our water infrastructure including the possible replacement of the aging pump house located on Edison Road with a more efficient inline pumping system.

The Department of Public Works would like to replace your water meter with one of the newer models.  They will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please call the Water Department at (973)827-3444, ext. 2 to let us know what Tuesday or Wednesday is good for you.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  Also, please remove anything that might be blocking the meter.  The Department of Public Works must be able to access the meter.  PS:  If you already have one of the newer meters, please disregard this notice.

  • Water Commissioner: Pete Opilla
  • Water Department Administrator/Cashier: Jacquieline Ward(973-827-3447)
  • Water System Operator: Rob Lawler (973-827-3447)
  • Maintenance/Repair Supervisor: Christopher Ross (DPW) – (973-827-3443)

Ogdensburg Water Department Source Water Assessment Summary