July 5, 2020

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Recreation Association (ORA)

Board of Directors
Babe Ruth Baseball Wayne McWilliams 973-209-1157
Soccer Rick Fluhr 973-862-1900
Youth Swim Anthony & Laura Nasisi 973-479-7384
Youth Basketball John Lorenzo-Jaqueth 862-324-3696
Board Chair
Anthony Nasisi Term Expires 12/31/2017
Secretary Term expires 03/31/12
Wayne McWilliams Treasurer Term Expires  06/30/2017
George Batelli Recording Secretary Term Expires 06/30/2017

The aims and objectives of the Ogdensburg Recreation Association (ORA) shall be to provide opportunities for recreational sports at all age levels for the residents of Ogdensburg. This recreational program will provide skills, and understanding of the sport being played, sportsmanship, teamwork and competition.