• Residents, our water department needs to update all phone numbers for each customer.  We need to be able to reach you for issues that may occur and for service.  Please call Ann Peters at 973-827-3447 ext. 2, to update your contact number.

  • To all residents that do not already have a new water meter the Department of Public Works would like to replace your water meter with one of the newer models.  They will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please call the Water Department at (973)827-3444, ext. 2 to let us know what Tuesday or Wednesday is good for you.

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The following streets are scheduled to be swept this week and vehicles are not allowed to be parked on the road during this sweeping process

Grant Terrace
Edison Ave
Highland Ave
High St
Madden Ave
Spring St
Ogden Way
Ridge Ct
Beardslee Hill Dr
Kennedy ave


 Military Family Night Out September 2015

SCMUA 2015 Electronics Recycling Days – 3/21, 5/9, 8/1 & 1/10/15

 Computers, Monitors, Printers, Televisions, Computer Speakers,

Stereo Equipment, CD Players, Copiers, Radio’s, VCR’s, DVD Players, Cell Phones,

Fax Machines, Cassettes, CD’s, VCR Tapes.


For more information: 973-579-6998 or




 Recycling Center is OPEN

 The recycling center will be located at the Boro garage. It is for Ogdensburg residents only. The dumpsters are in a fenced area. The area will be opened every Saturday morning and remain open until the dumpsters are full. The gates will then be locked closed and reopened the following Saturday. If the gates are open, you can enter the area during daylight hours.


Main Street Streetscape Project – HAS BEEN COMPLETED

The Borough of Ogdensburg will be doing a revitalize project on Main Street from Passaic Avenue to the Ogdensburg Fire House. The Borough received a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation to assist in the completion of the project. The project entails the renewal of existing curbing and sidewalks as well as the installation of new concrete curbs and sidewalks with brick paver accent strips.  Handicap Ramps will be installed throughout the project to conform with NJDOT and ADA Standards. Amenities will be installed as part of the improvement project including Decorative  Lighting, a Borough Clock, Decorative Benches, Planters  and Trash Receptacles.

The construction of this project will commence in April 2014 and is anticipated to take six to eight weeks. This project will provide a better business environment and a business area that is more welcoming to residents. This project will also add a very pleasing look to Ogdensburg’s center. We are going to seek additional grants to expand off of next years project.

A Message from Our Mayor

It is unfortunate that sometimes misleading or inaccurate information is printed in newspapers, however it happens often.
The New Jersey Herald’s reporter, Eric Obernauer has written 4 articles to date about the hiring of Ogdensburg’s finance clerk. In all of his journalistic efforts he conveniently leaves some facts out.   The Council and I take great pride in always answering all questions that residents have. On the other hand, we usually do not respond to the media due to the past experience of facts often not being printed correctly.
This response goes against my better judgment knowing full well that the Herald will applaud the efforts of Eric Obernauer to put a spin on it and write something negative. The Editor of the Herald reported that Ogdensburg residents were looking for light to be shed, so first I’ll shed light on the hiring, then I’ll shed light on Mr. Obernauer’s reporting.
As Mayor I played no role in the hiring process of the finance clerk position.
Ogdensburg has a Home Rule ordinance . This ordinance gives preference to qualified residents for jobs within our Boro. If Ogdensburg residents that apply for a position are not qualified, then non-residents could be considered. Ogdensburg has no ordinance that restricts hiring of relatives. In fact, related employees is not new to Ogdensburg and it has never been an issue in the past. In small towns like Ogdensburg with “home rule” ordinances for hiring, there is a very good chance that relatives may make up the employees or governing body. For some reason the Herald is portraying the idea that suddenly Ogdensburg has an issue. Nothing is further from the truth. The finance clerk position was advertised in the newspaper and interested applicants applied. All residents that applied were interviewed and the position was filled in accordance to Ogdensburg’s “home rule” ordinance. Non residents were not contacted nor interviewed due to the fact that qualified applicants from Ogdensburg applied.
The position continues to be for 25 hours per week and will be at the rate of $15 / hour. This information was on the agenda at Monday’s regular monthly meeting on 9/9/2013. NJ Herald reporter Eric Obernauer was present at that meeting yet still claims to not know the rate of pay. A copy of the resolution was made available to the public during the meeting and Mr. Obernauer had the option of picking up all the papers, including the resolution, which included the hours and rate of pay, yet the NJ Herald continues to report that this information is not known, has not been discussed nor voted on. The Herald makes it sound like something is being hidden.
Mr. Obernauer was present when a Councilman explained what our home rule ordinance was about and even stated the ordinance number. Mr. Obernauer continues to leave that out of the articles he writes.
The NJ Herald reports that the financial clerk was chosen over 34 others. The fact is that only three of the 34 applications were from Ogdensburg. The three Ogdensburg resumes were reviewed and due to the fact that one or all were qualified, interviews for those three were conducted. The Herald would like you to believe there is more to it. Qualified Ogdensburg residents get preference. Nothing more.
NJ Herald’s Eric Obernauer has attended two meetings and has not asked a single question during the open public session at either of the two meetings he attended. At both of the past two meetings, Mr. Obernauer waited for the meeting to be adjourned and most of the public to exit the room, then rushed up to the front to start asking questions. Mr. Obernauer seems to be more interested in taking pictures and taping the meetings than reporting facts, listing or looking at the agenda. Mr. Obernauer was present at the meeting when a unanimous council vote took place for the resolution to be approved for the hiring of Susan Ciasullo as finance clerk. It was also printed on the agenda and resolution, however, Mr. Obernauer continues to report that he does not have this information and that no vote took place. He knows the facts but will not include them in his article.
Mr. Obernauer called the Boro clerk the Friday before the August 26th meeting to inform her that he would be at Monday’s meeting. Mr. Obernauer then proceeded to call my cell phone multiple times, all weekend long at different hours of the day. I declined to pick up the phone knowing that he would be at Monday’s meeting.
At that Mondays meeting he did not ask a single question during public session yet wrote a full article for the next day.
Now the herald states that it has “sources”. Does that mean unhappy employees are talking to the press? It’s very possible. Every employee will tell you that as Mayor I expect a lot. That is true. It is because I want all residents to get the most out of your tax dollar. Ogdensburg does NOT have a town manager as most towns do, so as Mayor I have to handle all of the day to day managing. I do my very best.
How does this New Jersey Herald reporter write an article and miss agenda items he is there to report about or leave certain facts out of articles.
Is this what the New Jersey Herald calls quality journalism? It is disappointing that Mr. Obernauer and the NJ Herald are trying to turn a non-issue into more than it is.
Over the past 3 years the Council and I have done so many positive things for Ogdensburg, tax stabilization, services, building up of our surplus etc… and this is what our local paper concentrates on?

Mayor Ciasullo

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